Section Meetings - see Rules of Procedure VI.5 Functioning

Each Section shall normally meet once per year, at the instigation of its Bureau, its President or its Secretary, or, if they should fail to do this, of the Secretary General of UEMS, contingent on a request by, at least, a third of the members of the Section concerned.

The meeting shall be organised in such a way as to entail a minimum of expenses. They are programmed each year and announced in writing to the Secretary General of UEMS at least three months before the date arranged for the meeting.

Whenever it seems appropriate, a member of the Executive, or its delegate, may, on the invitation of the President of the Section, attend the meeting of a Section.
The agenda shall consist of subjects proposed by the Section's Bureau and the members of the Section, but may be added to by the UEMS Council or its Executive. The agenda adopted by the Bureau of the Section shall be communicated to the Secretary General and each member of the Section at least two months before the meeting.

The minutes of the meetings of the Sections, as well as all resolutions, recommendations, opinions, studies and other documents must be sent to the members of the Section concerned, to the UEMS Executive via the Secretary General within four months after the meeting. The Council, or the Executive given a mandate for this purpose, shall have the exclusive right to authorise and submit to the authorities of the EU the conclusions of studies carried out by the Sections or the motions adopted by them. If necessary, the Council shall send back to the Section which issued them, the documents which the Council has considered to need further elaboration either in substance or form.